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The purpose of the Mile Hi Jeep Club of Colorado is to unite adventure loving people in worthwhile 4-wheel drive activities; to educate its members in the proper manner of all road driving; to protect and preserve the natural beauty and terrain; to participate, on a voluntary basis, in search and rescue and other humanitarian missions as the community needs; to share good fellowship while operating our vehicles in a manner so as to preserve and protect our land for all generations; and to extend the courtesy of the open road to all.




Come be a Hobo for a day, and ride the Kingston Peak Loop above Alice with us.  As a Hobo, you'll need to muster up needed supplies along the trail to survive.  Each item collected at random will be assigned a point value, the Hobo with the highest point total will be rewarded with the 9th Annual "Top Hobo" Trophy. Trophies will also be awarded for 2nd and 3rd runner-ups.  Oh yea, Did I mention we'd be Jeeping? During the lunch stop we will have a fun contest while the points will be tallied, & then awards presented.  Dash plaques and a souvenir Hobo Run bandana (to hold your survival items), will be presented to each participant at registration, along a goodie bag, and an instruction sheet for day.

On Saturday July 16th, 2005, the HoboJeepers hosted the 7th Annual Hobo Run 2005 for 27 "Hobos for a Day" (4 no-shows) over the Kingston Peak Loop Trail. "As real hobos ride the rails, we too ride the trails in that same traveling spirit".  A hobo needs to muster up needed supplies in order to survive on the trail.  Each checkpoint offered the hobo a chance to collect different point values from the items (fresh egg, matchstick, toilet paper square, Q-Tip, stick of gum, and a Smartie Candy).  Along with the items, a card is chosen at the other 5 checkpoints to try to have the highest poker hand for extra points.

Eugene the Jeep (our little mascot), was also on hand in the area.  At the second checkpoint, 30 "Where's Eugene?" clues were handed out to each hobo and read out loud over the CB as to his possible whereabouts in the area.  A hobo could receive 200 extra bonus points with the right answer.  This year he was at St. Mary's Glacier.  Each item was stored in a souvenir traveling bandana.  At the lunch spot, all the points were totaled up and trophies, along with door prizes were handed out.

For the 7th straight year, the bandanas (handed out to each participant) were donated by Mile High Jeep Rebuilders of Denver: Jim @ 303-629-0378...

The trail actually started at IHOP at 6th and Simms in Lakewood, Colorado at 7:20-8:40am with registration for the run.  Since everyone had already pre-paid, registration consisted of only signing in and picking up you're goodie bag.  Hobos Pete, Jed, Janet, and Jeff helped welcome everyone.  The goodie bag contained a souvenir screened bandana, a magnetic dash plaque, a door prize ticket, a nut, and many sponsor brochures.  Everyone was excited for a fun day, and a 'different' day of jeepin'.  After a quick driver meeting at 8:45am, and an "official" hobo swearing in ceremony, we were off parade style up Hwy 6 west on I-70.  Hobos were given an instruction sheet which covered the rules to read on the way up to the trailhead.  Thanks to all of you ("Hobos for a Day") who supported us in this year's run, including our corporate sponsors.


Now here's a nice sight!  Picture 33 (27 Hobos for a day + 6 HoboJeepers) good-lookin' 4x4's running up I-70 all with their lights on in line, it looked cool from the front were I was!  I pulled out of the 'old' IHOP parking lot at 9am and we headed up 6th Ave and on up I-70.  We managed to stay within about a 2-mile stretch of each other too, and nobody broke down!  Yea!  I think it took about 10 minutes for the CB introductions along the freeway.  We chugged on by Idaho Springs in procession.

Once off I-70, we headed up the more peaceful & cool Fall River Road.  We worked our way up to the summer town of Alice at about 10,500' in elevation to the air-down spot.  Hobo Jeff helped me with the dispersion of the fresh eggs as the hobos air-downed for the trail at their 1st checkpoint.  You didn't get points for your egg if it was broken by lunchtime, so many tried sneaky methods not to break it!  All items though needed to be in their traveling bandanas on a stick.  I believe 3 ended up broken, so I wonder what ideas people came up with this year to keep their egg from breaking?

All Aboard! One by one the train of hobos chugged/jeeped up the hill (with some pretty rocky stuff), as each hobo followed the trail in the spirit of the 'Hobo' to places unknown and a fun day.  Right off the start, we had Hobo #26 (Bob Attwood's Cherokee) with a fuel pump problem.  After a few minutes, it seemed to work and Bob was back on the train.

Each of the HoboJeepers in Patrol 1 were at 5 other checkpoints, as the 'train' of Hobos passed by to provide items for each hobo to survive.  We all climbed the hill out of Alice to the Jeff and Mark's scenic checkpoint at the base of Yankee Hill.  Hobos then received their 2nd Hobo Survival item (a matchstick-with point values, and the 1st poker card).  Each Hobo then received a 'Where's Eugene' clue, and read it over the CB.  Most everyone figured out where he was after the 30th clue (he was over at St. Mary's Glacier), and we all headed into the tight-tree lined trail along the east-side of Kingston Peak to the next checkpoint.

Hobos stop at checkpoints to pick up survival items and a poker card...(photo from 2004)    Then the 'Hobo Train' passed Hobo Charlie (& Family) to receive the next item and card, then on to Jed (& Family), and then on to Pete and his checkpoint.  We stopped for a 10-100 on the east side of Kingston Peak in the trees, and Pete had a stick of TP Square for the 'Hobos for a day' (wonder if some used it?).  It took about 10 minutes for the end of the line to catch up.  We had many motorcycles on the trail, we tried to accommodate them as best as possible.  With a tight tree-lined trail, it was hard to get by.

At one point we were strung out over I'd guess over a mile on the trail.  All the while, I rarely got out of 2nd low and kept a slow 5mph speed up front.  The HoboJeepers did a great job in moving everyone along.  Everyone stopped at all 5 checkpoints and collected a survival item (worth points), and a card to make a high poker hand (4-6's was the best hand! -from Jim Raybeck).  Dan & Brett had the last checkpoint, and handed out a Smartie candy to every Hobo and the last poker hand card.

Once up at the tree-line lunch spot (treeline--about 11,400'), each Hobo brought up their "Where's Eugene?" guess, and the fresh unbroken egg (for points), they then settled down with their lunch after being on the trail (train) all morning.  As the "official" HoboJeeper judges (Many thanks to Jed, Diane, & Paul for the totals) tallied the points, each hobo received a really cool door prize based on the ticket in their goodie bags at registration.  Each door prize had a value more then the 'fun fee' (that's part of the fun).

The list is long from the flyer (see also below too-with links), as I handed out some really cool stuff, thanks to the many sponsors, including the local Denver 4x4 shops: Mile High Jeep Rebuilders (Jim Dozal), AAA Transmission Warehouse (John), Driveshaft Doctors (Dave), (Eddie), Bestop (Dianne), Funtreks (Charles), Eagle Claw Fishing Tackle, Rocky Mountain Drive (Scott), 4Wheel Parts (Jeremey), and High Country 4x4 (Ernie).

Thanks to the many sponsors who donated the many great door prizes, Everyone relaxed and had lunch while they listened for their number.  Each hobo then compared the size of their nut to the person next to them to see who had the largest one. OK, footnote needed here: The nut in reference is a 5/16th inch steel nut on a string around their neck. OK?--, so Neil McCorrison had the largest nut (3/8th inch brass-to be exact), and received an extra 100 points to his point total (did that make a difference??).  He also received a plaque and a Leatherman as a prize for having the largest 'nut' on the run.

This year we had a raffle which included about $850 worth of nice items.  Thanks to all who bought tickets.  Thanks also to our corporate sponsors for the raffle and door prizes (please support them).  Without their support, we could not make this a successful event year after year and Paul finally wins in the raffle after 7 years!!  A modular Rack system from BESTOP!!  

William Boitano won the 4 BFG GOODRICH tires any size raffle!!! Thanks to JD Motorsports!!!!

With the points tallied, the last place 'winner' was William Boitano, and won a huge tow strap.  3rd Place trophy winner was Jim Maxwell, and won a $25 certificate to High Country 4x4, and the 2nd Place Trophy winner was Mark Caldwell, and won a $50 certificate to High Country 4x4.

We even recognize even the lowest scores, as William also won a Tow Strap from FIBERINK.  2005 Hobo Run "3rd Place" winner Jim Maxwell.  2005 Hobo Run "2nd Place" winner Mark Caldwell

The "Top Hobo" of the 7th Annual Hobo Run 2005 went to JIM RAYBACK with a total of 710 pts!  He also won a $75 certificate to High Country 4x4!  Congrats to the trophy winners, and to ALL the hobos, cause we all had fun--which is a winning feeling in my book.

Congrats from the HoboJeepers--to all the winners!

What a happy group of Hobos!

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